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Hennepin County Supervisor's Association

 2020 – 2022 HCSA Executive Board Members
** Board members, Members At large and Steward information is listed below. Members listed here are available to answer any questions you may have about grievances or other concerns and issues. If you are trying to reach a member please go down the list until you connect directly with someone

Board Members:

Board Position/Name Department/Building   Phone
President: Benjamin  Ebbers Sheriff/Adult Detention Operations   (612) 240-2863
Vice President: Demetrius  Brooks Corrections/County Home School   (612) 596-0592
Treasurer: Lisa  Brown Human Svcs/Family Justice Center   (612) 348-8619
Secretary: Laurie  Benson HSS/GC   (612) 596-9062

At-Large Representatives:

Name Department/Building   Phone


Name Department/Building   Phone
Daniel  Tanner | Corrections Supervisor Hennepin County Juvenile Detention Center   (612) 348-4478
Gary  Wilson | DOCC-R   (612) 596-7191
Kelli  Ostercamp | GC - 8th Floor   (612) 348-4254
Laci  Rumpza | Sr Psychologist Northpoint   (612) 543-2735
Matthew  Bozovsky Sherrif's Communication Division   (612) 799-1319